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"Soul's Weight" Master Art Post

Title: Soul's Weight in spn_j2_bigbang
Author: smalltrolven
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Wincest, First-time, Bonded!Boys
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck Shurley, Jesse the AntiChrist, Death

Summary: Season 5 AU where Dean shows up in Stull Cemetery and says Yes. Sam and Dean jump into the Cage together along with two archangels who torture them with the knowledge of the deep secret they’ve kept from each other all these years. What happens after Dean gets out and Sam doesn’t? How far will Dean go to get Sam back once he knows what he’s truly lost? A search for the missing Samulet, another attempt at finding God, Death and even Jesse the AntiChrist. Trials through Dean’s memories guilts and regrets and undertaking the repair of his own soul in a mansion by the sea in Santa Barbara, California.

Story Warnings: Set in an AU season 5 finale so spoilers up to there, schmoop, angst in equal measures
Art Warnings: Use of mixed media, liberal abuse of trade-marked faces, and name-brand cars,through said media, angst, schmoop, rolling around in dirty laundry...oh, and artistic nudity and suggested nudity.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the art supplies and computer program it took to create these illustrations

Thank you so much to smalltrolven for writing this awesome story and for being so patient with me! RL made this a hard one for me to pull-off,and I couldn't have asked for more enthusiastic, understanding (and did I mention infinitely patient?) author to have been paired with. I have had a lot of fun and got to experiment with types of insert art that I normally don't have much opportunity, or inclination to work with. It has truly been a joy to be apart of this project!

Souls Weight Banner

Banners and Dividers

Souls Weight Banner

Main Title Banner: "Soul's Weight-And Into Hell"
Medium: Graphite pencil, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 paint-over

car divider

Page Divider:"Ramblin' On...and On"
Medium: Pen&Ink, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7


Page Divider: "Rings & Things"
Medium: Graphite pencil


Page Divider: "All Hail the Samulet"
Medium:Graphite pencil, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7



Illustration: "Scent Memory"
Medium: Graphite Pencil

Relevant Passage:“…He tries to hold back the tears that he can feel building up, that everything Sam ever had is right here in this one bag, which just seems so colossally unfair, and Sam’s not even here to bitch at him about going through it. He’s not ever going to be unless they can find the amulet and find God. He lets himself sink down into the pile of Sam-scented clothes and breathes it in as he cries, missing his brother, grieving the loss more now that he knows what they could have been to each other, desperately mourning the fact that he’d ever given up and thrown the damn amulet away in the first place. Finally the tears stop as he talks himself into trying, they haven’t looked everywhere.”


Illustration: "The Soul Review v.1"
Medium: Watercolor, Pen&Ink


Illustration: "The Soul Review v.2"
Medium: Watercolor, Pen&Ink, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Soul Mates

Illustration: "Soul-Mates"
Medium: Graphite pencil, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Souls Weight BannerSoulReviewSoul Review 2
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